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Portland Art Institute

Life Philosophy

Play first, work if you have to, especially if it will help you play more.

I am...

Slow to absorb or “get” it…. I am always thinking higher, way beyond. I am at the finish line before the race even starts.


You had to be there to see it.



In progress.


I play Guitar, Banjo, Sax, Flute….Not well enough to get paid for it, but as far as listening to music, I enjoy a diverse range of Genres, excluding Country, Gangsta-Rap, and that Putrid Pablum my hipster step-son listens to… LOL!!!

Film & TV

Sci-Fi Magazine used one of my images for their cover once. Wizards of the Coast is using one of my Paintings, for free. As far as watching TV, I just don’t watch much. If I do, it’s Science, Discovery, History, etc, and not those crappy reality shows, although, I have to say I prefer Survivorman (Les Stroud) over Man vs Wild (Bear Grylls). I love many movies, but Dr Strangelove is my top pick.

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