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Smith River CA USA

Life Philosophy

The more I Know, the MORE I know I don’t know but need to discover, learn, understand and explore. I seriously want there to be 11 dimensions so I can visit them all.

I am...

I am…back in the days as a “tadpole” by definition I was a winner! Later, according to Woody Allen, 90% of my life was accomplished. I have a long interesting story. It isn’t as I had early in the game scripted it but then I’ve found anything really is possible. I am a Pisces. I am a dreamer – an optimist. I try to be a realist. I have ideological and romantic leanings with a healthy collection of fantasy’s. I’m a nice guy, hard worker, and hopefully will become a great guy to work with and for.
Oh yea. I’m a USAF Vet, SCUBA diver, BS Aeronautics CMEL-I Pilot too.


Once you have flown you will walk with your eyes skyward.
For there you have been and there you will be again – LDV.

The only victory over love is flight – Napoleon

It’s the second mouse that gets the cheese – ?

You don’t have too run faster than the bear but
faster than the slowest camper.


Love books in general but not big on reading all the way through them.
Off the top of my head a couple come to mind:
Give me Liberty – Gerry Spence
The Power of Focus – (which I’d like to teach)
How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie


Currently totally into psy-chill, psy-trance, but cut my teeth on classics (13 years piano), Jazz (5 years sax and a little flute), Huge fan of synth.
“My music” is late 60’s all of the 70’s although not a big motown or country fan. Top groups: ELP, Alan Parsons – Steely Dan – and more. Have hundreds of CD’s – check out for as well YouTube

Film & TV

I’m a Trekkie – raised on it. Man from Uncle too. Almost anything Sci-fi. Martix etc. Not a huge drama fan (especially in real life), Love Nature films (Disney beginnings – nature channel etc…). Can’t stand cop shows (rats in a cage). Can’t stand soap operas (although several evening prime times have been called such.) HOUSE – of course, the Good wife, Grays’ (although haven’t watched it in a while), Andrew Zimmern’s Bizzare Foods, Most of the time lately CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN, CSPAN2, and yes Fox News