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The other world found with psychedelics and meditation.

Really want to naturally access LSD world

G’day all. wondering if anyone could give me any info about how to access the energy world we experience when on LSD, Mushrooms extra. obviously not a full trip or anything just want to be able...

How much is to much? (WEED)

How many times a week do you think is to much to smoke. I am trying to cut back to once a week. Thoughts, suggestions? I really like weed, but i think there is a line…. i find myself foggy and...

Bad trip panic advice.

Little advice one of my good friends gave me when i asked him about what to do when faced with a bad trip

Some descriptive writing about the joys of alpine rock climbing.

Mount Conness: Yosemite Barney Swan 10thAugust 2013 Jason and I hit the road early. The 4-hour drive to Yosemite was unsettling. Fears about Conness all started to melt into reality. Over ever ridge...