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Let's discuss organ donor card and brain death in US

What is your opinion on this issue? There are stories of people recovering after workers were about to go through with harvesting their organs or that things aren’t always as thorough as medical...

Hating a place and feeling heavy derealization, tropical

My living location is mysteriously driving me mad inside, and I am looking for an explanation, not here to complain so don’t mistake that after the strange disclosure in this next sentence. I...

How do you guys get over financial fears?

I’m from an immigrant family, so memories of poverty are hard to shake off. I frequently catch myself worried about how I’ll be able to help my aging parents and their health costs out or...

free fruit

for y’all hippies looking to adopt into a loving, roomy stomach

Where to move to in USA, dear heathens

I’m not from US so I would love some advice from you enlightened folks! I need: -Easily getting around the city without a car, OR -Some serious nature going on, preferably a forest. If both...