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Restaurant challenge

Hey guys, I would like to take the time to talk about a challenge that I had undertaken two years ago and still continue too do to this very day. Before I started this challenge I was a absolute fast...

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

I’m 21 and still got it… I’ve had plenty of chances to lose it, but none of them ever felt right. I really want this to be an experience worth remembering!

Hello World…

I am a newcomer to this site. I want to be friends a lot, and do activities together as well .. I hope with this site, I found what I want

which languages do you speak?

I speak Arabic, French, English, fluently, a little bit of German, and I am learning Russia, I would like to learn Japanes,Spanish and Chinese, what about you??

Adding a chat section to the website?

I think that we should add a chat section to the website what do you think?

Life before birth and after death

I request the owner of this site to give a detailed view on the above title

hello from switzerland!

hello everyone, i’m new to this site. my english is pretty bad but i try to do my best normally i speak german or french and i’m learning mandarin since yesterday. i’m 29 and...

Restrained by Location?

my girlfriend and i have lived in a very small city for one year now (moving here for a job promotion from a bigger city) and have experienced tremendous growth. we do not have many friends outside of...

Weird experience, any ideas of what it was?

I was about 13 or so and at my cousin’s house up in michigan. (USA). We were playing capture the flag at night. We had one team member on each team with a flashlight that patrolled the border...

Where do you watch movies online?

I’m trying to find the documentary, "1000 Journals". It’s on Netflix but it’s not on the instantly playing list. I’d rather watch it streaming, because I have no...