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What is change? & how do you master the ability to use it..(if that makes sense)

Its just that I’m fascinated on the ability to create new things and outcomes in life. the power to change a person’s thinking or way of living life, to change theories and change...

how does music effect your life?

i am a upcoming musician, and i was just wondering . what it is about a musician’s music, that draws your attention ? how does it make you feel , why do you listen to music ? when you listen to...

MAGIC is it real ? have you ever experienced it ?

i don’t mean magic as in making fire appear in the palm of your hand or flying , none of that elder scrolls skyrim type of magic . i mean rituals , curses, astral travel . out of body...

Lucid Dreaming

i need some help on lucid dreaming , i wonder if there is any way to increase the chances of you lucid dreaming that night . as in , is there any techniques or mental preparations that you can do...

TRUTH please read

how do we know what truth is ? how do we know what we are told is true . how do we know that the language we speak is really the true language? is truth the origin ? or it truth the...

seen any members over thirty post , wonder whose younger than 21

i happen to be 16 years of age according to the earth’s time representation :)

How do we stick together (the time is now)

the time is now ,. not tomorrow , a week , a month , a year, a decade , a century.THE TIME IS NOW . war will be soon to come . how do we gather enough troops to fight for our rights? US people who...


Hi I need some educational , enlightening, type of books to read . If you have any you can recommend it would really do much help . Thanks !!