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  • 2013-01-29 @ 15:27:40

    Even before I knew what lucid dreaming was, I would suffer from them. I say “suffer” because I get a bad dream and get stuck in paralysis. It is terrifying! I can hear people in my apartment, or an evil laugh outside my window, sometimes there are bugs, and once there were men surrounding my bed laughing at me. You want so desperately to wake up, but it just seems impossible. My normal dreams are almost never bad dreams, just my lucid dreams. It’s weird because I have never once tried to have a lucid dream. I read on lucid dreaming and one person said that the more conscious you are in you waking hours, then the more likely you are to have lucid dreams. My question is, if I can’t make them stop, even though I not trying to make them happen, is there any way to turn them into a good dream? I have only experienced very little control with these dreams.

    (I will try holding my breath next time)

    lucid dreaming

  • 2013-01-29 @ 14:53:37

    Rejection. That is the one thing that we are all so afraid of that keeps us away from future friends, lovers, business partners, etc… My life goal is to be immune to rejection (if that’s even possible). I just know so many great things could happen to/for me if I could just overcome this one feeling.

    The Oxymoron of Social Interaction

  • 2012-06-11 @ 07:03:17

    Extremely interesting. Are there any long term studies? Such as increased/decreased life expectancy?

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