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planet earth

Life Philosophy

we have one chance to write this autobiography, before this once in a life time chance repossesses what its offering.. we are in the peek of existence, when we die, we will be at the peek of nothing.. death is eternal- not your soul.. the universe will one day stretch so far away from itself that no light will be seen from any star from any point in space.. so while your here now.. shine as brightly as you can.. we wont get another chance again..

I am...

im an independent illustrator and artist in mixed media.. im also a human being, descendant of planet earth..not an american that im labeled..a citizen tired and fed up with the oppression of the current system or government and the evil shape shifting reptilian hierarchy that runs it.. a citizen who finally wants to fight back against these war mongers, someone who wants to unite all people under one banner.. a banner of humanity..


in the struggle for freedom, truth is the only weapon we posses.. -12th dalai lama

buy the ticket, take the ride.. – dr. hunter s. thompson


primarily underground hip-hop, krs one, dailated peoples, aesop rock, el-p, anticon, visionaries, shapeshifters, awol one, formula abstract, epmd, rakim, tribe called quest, darkleaf, pheonix orion..

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