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Life Philosophy

Be courteous to all and explore everything in sight and mind

I am...

a curious individual like many of you. Residing in the island of Ireland, more specifically at the very tip top of this island in Donegal where the water meets the sand.


“You see a mouse trap, I see free cheese and a fucking challenge!”
–Scroobius Pip


I love the psychology based books of Richard Wiseman.
Comics –especially Neil Gaiman’s Sandman
The Wardstone Cronicles –Joseph Delaney
Tricks of the mind –Derren Brown
The Game –Neil Strauss
The God Delusion –Richard Dawkins


I like every genre of music from Classical to Heavy Metal.
You should never restrict your music tastes to certain styles of conducting.

Film & TV

T.V: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Frozen Planet, a lot of cartoons and anime.
Films: The Prestigue, Black Dynomite, Kung Pow, A beautiful Mind

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