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  • 2013-03-27 @ 13:41:24

    All-Star Superman was written by Grant Morrison. He’s an incredibly interesting dude who’s into shamanism, psychedelics, chaos magick, and he has one particularly amazing story about an extra-dimensional alien abduction experience in Katmandu. Check him out – you won’t be sorry.

    Lex Luthor Seeing The Universe Through Superman’s Eyes

  • 2013-02-20 @ 07:47:51

    Thanks for posting this. I just checked out the website and I’m somewhat close to Heathcote (in Maryland, about an hour east) and have always liked the idea of living this way. I’m 27, married, and have two daughters (5 and 3).

    How long did you live there and how was it?

    How are the people who live there?

    When / Why did you leave?

    5 Epic Community Initatives From Around The World

  • 2012-11-27 @ 10:53:58

    “Elevensies” is now my favorite word ever.

    How To Maintain That Post-Meditation Glow

  • 2012-11-16 @ 12:38:16

    Technically that would be the median intelligence and not the average, but I still love this quote.haha

    – Carlin

  • 2012-11-16 @ 06:02:25

    I’m really starting to like this Kyle Cease character.

    The Best Stress-Relieving-Make-Me-Feel-Badass Trick Ever

  • 2012-11-14 @ 07:33:05

    Canada gets her, US gets Honey Boo-Boo…

    Victoria Grant

  • 2012-10-23 @ 04:59:52

    Really cool comic. “Supernormal Stimuli” reminds me of how Joe Rogan will sometimes talk about how movies and advertising “hijack your reward system” –

    Why You Need to Learn to See the Supernormal Before You Can Silence Your Inner Reptile

  • 2012-10-18 @ 12:36:07

    Great read!

    Did anyone else read this and become thoroughly freaked-out at the connection between the “8 stage model for humanity” presented and Timothy Leary’s (though Robert Anton Wilson is probably best known for explaining it in Prometheus Rising) “8 circuit model for human consciousness”?

    In other words, the 8 circuit model of consciousness explains the potential known development of a single human, while the 8 stage model of human development explains the potential known development for the sum of all humans (humanity).

    I think there is a definite correlations between each of the stages in each model.

    Also, I finally joined HE to just leave this comment. Been lurking for a long time. Hi everyone :-)

    The Impending Change in Global Consciousness: Our Archaic Revival