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yeah not so much, we're not living to learn we're living to experience all

Life Philosophy

that’s a bit complicated….unless it isn’t. well for starters i was in a life of constant defining moments. my wants were definitely controlling my three part being, i.e. mind body spirit. i wanted everything….i wanted love, i wanted anger, i wanted money, i wanted drugs and alcohol, i wanted respect and dignity, i wanted i wanted i wanted….In my state of constant wanting i was doing everything, i was doing bad things, i was doing things inherently undefining of my true self, i wasn’t doing what was defining WHO I AM or WHO I CHOSE TO BE. I had no idea of what to DO to find the greatest truth about myself. in a state of wanting and constant doing is no place to live. the universe provides what you ask it. that is a fact. when i said i wanted something the universe provided just that…..the feeling of wanting. wanting for money wanting for love wanting for it all. Now i choose things. i choose with the entire fiber of my conscious and being. and low and behold i found just that….now i am in a state of being instead of doing. I am now being a good person, i am being a better boyfriend, friend, son, brother…what have you. i truly am now a human BEING not a human DOING……in the words of walter sobcheck…if you will it dude it is no dream.

I am...

the walrus


Mr. and Mrs. America,
You are wrong. I am not the king of Jews, nor am I a hippie cult leader. I AM WHAT YOU HAVE MADE OF ME and the mad dog fiend leper is a relfection of your society. Whatever the outcome of this madness that you call fair trials or Christian justice, you can know this… my minds eye my thoughts light fires in your cities.


no way, that shit goes against every fiber of my being not to mention big brother is watching


birds tweet not me


Being and Nothingness, conversations with god, the last hours of ancient sunlight, anything by chuck palaniuk, ie choke, rant, fight club, survivor, haunt, pygmy, invisible monsters, snuff, stranger than fiction…..stellar may not be the right word but its the one that comes to mind. don’t forget kesey, huxley and welles. got your classics to walden by thoreau, great gatsby, death of a salesman, to kill a mockingbird…there is a new book in press by woodie guthrie that johnny depp’s publishing company is putting out called House of Earth, should be a good read. the kolbrin bible is an eye opener to say the least. Living with the Dead was good, A Long Strange Trip was interesting, Life by Keith Richards was good and My Life Inside Rock and Out the biography of Bill Graham was good as well. there is a book i like that i can’t mention here due to anonymity and the fact that they are not allied with any politics, religion, organization or institution prohibits me from stating the title, those who know will understand. Junky by william s. burroughs was good, as is anything burroughs, then there’s HOWL and all things ginsberg. can’t forget On the Road and the dharma bums by kerouac. and of course the man behind POST OFFICE, HOLLYWOOD, THE DAYS RUN AWAY LIKE WILD HORSES OVER THE HILLS and many many many others, the rantings of the ultimate american poet drunkard Charles Bukowski


yes please…..ha,
i can’t abide anything mainstream at all…..ever……not one bit. that isn’t music, it is mass produced fodder for the mindless cattle listening to the radio and watching jersey shore looking for jwow and snooki’s next drunken epiphany about some steroid popping guido’s thoughts on the intricacies of the “shocker”. please! spare me the soundtrack for such mindless drivel. if it is good i like it. be it rock to rap, bluegrass to electronic, punk to jazz, oldies to country and western…..on that note for country only outlaws need apply, take your keith urban and carrie underwood and shove it! Hank williams and his grandson hank williams the third, david alan coe, willie, waylon r.l. burnside, ect.. and don’t forget the ones who put cunt in country…dolly, loretta, patsy cline, june carter and the like. pop country is a joke and quite pathetic, there are complete dunce’s out there who think Kid Rock is a country singer or southern for that matter! What kind of world is this when a failed white rapper from detroit sells out and is allowed to go country and southern rock? Really? For those who didn’t know this Kid Rock claimed he was a “son of Hank” it’s bullshit, just so you know and have it set in stone, he doesn’t come from where Hank comes from, he is a yank, he is no son of hank, if you thought so damn you’re fucking dumb…..he failed as a white dj in detroit, eminem beat him to it, so he sold the fuck out, put a mixed band together with a rapping midget and went to mainstream america with absolutely horrid songs playing to the white males dreaming of finger banging Pamela Anderson and attracting the likes of trailer park women to scream some shitty “i wanna be a cowboy…baby” or ” i put your picture away” balad while slurring and staring mindlessly at a karaoke screen in your local kinda dive-ish but just trendy enough to attract people with teeth watering hole. i could go on and on……

Film & TV

see above…… should be destroyed. movies well that is another story. first and foremost…………..THE BIG FUCKING LEBOWSKI, anything by stanley kubrick, death to smoochy is great for a laugh, excellent love story in TRUE ROMANCE, don’t forget the classics either, Dirty dozen, great escape, true grit, harold and maude, rocky horror picture show, little shop of horrors, those bad 80’s movies like club paradise, ghost busters, peewee’s big adventure, any of the ernest movies were so bad they were good, can’t go wrong with tarentino or anything with christopher walken in it, pacino makes the grade in almost anything, along with deniro and the like, this list could go on and on. david lynch is a god,,,,,,mulholland drive, eraserhead, blue velvet, wild at heart! oh yeah REMEMBER WHEN TV WAS GOOD? seriously before reality based stuff(is that reality truly? come on seriously) or that horrid CSI and Law and Order (gary sinese and jeff goldblum? what the shit is that? you guys looking for work much?) anyway television used to be good….before Family Guy and the Simpsons which are great don’t get me wrong but there used to be a show on friday nights that was comedic insightful educational and appealed to adults and children alike….and was loved by all….any guesses? its time to start the music, its time to light the lights, its time to get things started on…..THE MUPPET SHOW TONIGHT. anybody who was anybody appeared on that show it was fantastic. on the opposite end of the spectrum how about TWIN PEAKS? who couldn’t use a little david lynch in there life on a weekly basis in lieu of the biggest looser? hmm? the log lady, the double R diner, cherry pie? come on who’s with me?