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  • 2012-12-02 @ 17:33:47

    What does the center mean?

    by Corinn Rutkoski

  • 2012-09-24 @ 21:47:16

    I’ll watch this tomorrow….

    The Day Before. A Film about Procrastination.

  • 2012-09-05 @ 20:47:01

    I feel like hitting the love button should be automatic after this video.

    The Love Competition

  • 2012-08-30 @ 22:27:38

    Good quote, but Yoko Ono…

    Young at heart

  • 2012-07-13 @ 07:55:53

    Now on the boat Jesus is fully lit up and has a halo around his head as the cave starts crumbling down. Next we see Shiva dancing around, we then go back to seeing Jesus on the boat and fish start to jump on the boat before him and rays of light shine down on him. Now we are seeing a hand extend down towards an ice tower, which is prison to what looks like the whore of Babylon, who tries to run away from the light. I think the light represents the truth and the whore repents our vices and how we try to hide them in the dark. We briefly see Jesus and Shiva again before moving on to countless soulless businessmen who are a representation of getting suck up into the machine of society. Jesus the breaks through the ground and the all mold together into one wave, that could be a representation of how we are all one people and need to be united. Next we see the TV and it is finally leaving the kid who looks much better but a little damaged. We then see both the creepy skeleton man and the blue dude in the mask but i had no clue what to make of that part. We see Jesus again and he opens his eyes and his crown of thorns fades away and the Ice castle behind him collapses. We see Jesus continue on towards some pyramids which a comet hits one and destroys it. Jesus finally stops and fades to black. Apparently My Pet goat was the book Bush was reading during the terrorist attacks.One theme that really jumped out to me was truth, either lack of or common truth, for example the lotus flower popping up a couple of times which is a pretty symbolic in Egyptian, Buddhist, and Hindu cultures. Also the use of both Jesus and what looked like Shiva was interesting. If you have read this post this far i’d love to hear what you think.

    I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant

  • 2012-07-13 @ 07:29:29

    Well what I see is first at the beginning we see the puppet master controlling a doll that looks like George W. Bush and then later changes into Obama, When Bush is talking hes not really sure what to say and keeps looking to the puppet master before talking again. Also there are some mason symbols such as the checker board floor where they do all of their rituals on and Bush does some of their hand symbols while talking (look at 0:58 for the hand symbols). Then when we see him transform into Obama who just laughs at us for what i think is our passive blind acceptance of our leaders crap. Next we see Alice who looks like she is in some sacrificial position, which may represent the loss of people questioning authority and other things in general and just accepting what is given to them. But then we see Alice drop her apple it splits at Obama feet and sprouts a lotus flower (spiritual awakening, rebirth, spirituality) making him nervous, not sure exactly what this part means though. But after we see this we zoom out and see that we are in a winter waste land and the American flag rip in half and part of it fly’s away which could be representing the loss of values and brother hood in America. As we continue to zoom out we see the twin towers come down as the blue dude in the mask dances and dives into the water, also not too sure what this means. Next we see what looks like the legs of Jesus floating on an Egyptian looking boat, after a brief shot of the we see Bin Laden floating on an ice berg with black wings looking like the angel of death, he has some funky symbol on his beard and Im not too sure exactly what this part means. After this we see two oil rigs off in the distance while an ice patch up front has some oil leaking slowly off it into the water which imo show how we are fucking up the environment. Next we see the Statue of Liberty who’s torch breaks off and on the way down we see it becomes a fetus in a womb that get strangled by a tv with a snake eye, which could again be highlighting Americans loss of values and true freedom, could also be showing the obsession with the media and how it controls us. Next we see Jesus’s torso who has a heart painted on there that is letting off light, we then look at the third eye on Jesus where we are right away taken back to the tv screen which this time has some evil looking creature on it screaming at you, which may be showing the internal battle between love and fear inside us. We continue to watch the TV screen and see it is plugged into the head of some boy who is just laying there with a blank stare as different types of news passes over his eye balls, this could again be showing us how the media controls and represses us. Moving on we see fighter planes bomb a mosque which represent the constant religious struggles going on especially between Israel and Palestine. Next we see Jesus again with his heart fully on fire, and we see the blue dude dancing again which had me confused. Then we see what looks like a representation of Mary holding Jesus after he was crucified, followed up by a kid with a messed up eye and Im still confused as to what it means. Now we see an African baby give a gun which may be showing our cultures love of violence or of the struggle in Africa. But next we see a Communist drowning in some kind of slime along with the lotus flower going down with him, which may represent humans greed. Next we see someone trying to protest an army inside of a yin yang shadow but creepy looking skeleton dude places his hand on her shoulder and she is discouraged immediately, not sure exactly what this means but probably has something to do with lack of protests and lack of enthusiasm in the protests. We finally fully see Jesus as a whole for the first time. We see the TV again just pouring into the kids brain followed up by a comic image and a candle that fly towards us and becomes a ghostly image of Jesus who then spits fire at us and is back on the boat.

    I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant

  • 2012-06-07 @ 18:55:46

    How did your experiment go?
    I think I am about to give this a try.

    The Love Experiment: Introduction

  • 2012-04-25 @ 20:10:16

    lol i like where your heads at thought.

    Three Teachers

  • 2012-04-23 @ 17:19:49

    Everyone should know this!

    Master Bruce Lee on how to be successful (RICHFITUSA.COM)

  • 2012-04-23 @ 14:16:56

    Depends on how you look at nothing

    Without passion, life is nothing

  • 2012-04-21 @ 16:59:55

    Hey just keep up the good work Phil.

    Choose Happiness: 5 Ways To Get Out Of a Funk

  • 2012-04-13 @ 20:34:52

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  • 2012-04-13 @ 19:34:27

    this is brilliant

    Lost in My Own Imagination…