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  • 2015-04-05 @ 12:20:17

    This furthermore proves why legalizing marijuana is very much a health issue

    How bad is weed bought from street dealers really?

  • 2015-03-31 @ 21:24:39

    A quote from the video I could very much find my own point of view on marijuana legalization in, I wanted to share with you below:

    “We’re seeing more and more states embrace this issue of cognitive freedom. And I think we’re going to see transformation in consciousness. Not to mention that marijuana is extraordinarily sensitive to initial rhetorical condition, to what Timothy Leary used to describe as ‘set and setting’. so by changing the context by changing the culture in which people partake in this visionary herb, you’re changing the very nature of the medicine’s effects.”

    Jason Silva on Marijuana Legalization

  • 2015-03-28 @ 09:58:05

    Why it’s important to find out what drug(s) works for you.

    The Free Spirit Guide to Local Living

  • 2015-03-14 @ 07:15:02

    “The buzz you would normally get from coffee is similar to the one from coca tea, but doesn’t leave you with stomach cramps or a withdrawal for caffeine”

    Coffee & Cannabis is great combination

  • 2015-03-01 @ 09:26:04

    It’s a step in the right direction, but the initiative lacks home cultivation and Cannabis Social Clubs. However, that could be included later in an amendment.

    Netherlands to finally legalise cannabis?

  • 2015-01-06 @ 22:00:52

    My advice: don’t go out and seek it, instead let the mushroom find you. And when it does, do it. It changed my life, in a positive way unimaginable. Here’s the trip report that got it all started: I have much to thank the cannabis plant for, but it all couldn’t have happened without the help of “just” some mushrooms :)

    How Psychedelics Are Saving Lives (Video)

  • 2014-12-09 @ 22:14:08

    Glad you like it. It’s so simple really, and totally organic!

    How To Grow Your Own Magic Mushrooms

  • 2014-12-09 @ 06:08:03

    Can’t wait to listen to the whole thing later today. Fascinating guy.

    The HighExistence Podcast with Rick Doblin: Integrating Psychedelics into a Global Culture

  • 2014-11-30 @ 14:12:34

    Perhaps worth noting we are talking about cannabis here :)

    “You smoke? But you have a kid?”