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  • 2013-05-02 @ 17:37:56

    Eyes Wide Shut: Stanley Kubrick’s last film, requires patience but you will be rewarded, trust me!

    Eraserhead: Scariest movie I’ve seen, and one of the very few films that I actually find scary

    25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

  • 2013-04-29 @ 18:47:16

    Also, has anyone gone through this thought process and had it turn out good or in someway optimistic?


  • 2013-04-29 @ 18:44:30

    Well this explains how I’ve been thinking recently.


  • 2013-04-24 @ 17:26:13

    When I download the torrents they can only be opened in textedit as illegible script. Any help as to how I can open them in itunes or listen to them somehow?

    10 Things That Will Make Your Life Better