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  • 2015-02-25 @ 15:14:12

    I couldn’t pick a favorite track so here is the link to their first album Indigoism which is one of the best records every made in my opinion.

    The Underachievers Interview

  • 2014-09-30 @ 13:58:06

    I <3 Matthew Silver. It would life changing to spend even a few minutes with him.


  • 2014-04-17 @ 13:51:28

    Wow amazing bit of synchronicity, I just finished reading The Hero with a thousand faces last night and this article connected a lot of the things from the book to the modern day.

    12 Catalysts For Discovering Your Inner Hero

  • 2013-01-13 @ 21:10:04

    Since life is art then conformity is like photocopying a masterpiece so many times until you can’t tell if it was made by Picasso or some 5 year old

    life is art