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The Residents

Has any one ever heard of these guys? I think they are a pretty good band. They are great way to change up my music selection. Something sounds familiar about them though. Gimme your opinion.

4/20 Origin/Meaning

What is the actual meaning/symbolism/origin/etc. surrounding 4/20? I have heard many mixed messages about it pertaining to Bob Marley, weed, mexican rebellion, hitler’s birthday. What is it...

Free Will and meditation

I was just thinking, if free will is an illusion because of the way we think, would meditation solve this? If one was to meditate and become void of thought, would that mean you were no longer, at...

Fiction Thinking, He/She/It's *Literally* Hitler, and the Migrant Crisis

Think about this for a second: how many times have you heard someone, or something, compared to Hitler or Nazis? Too many times to count right? This “argument” has invaded (lol punz)...