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Life Philosophy

We live in a world filled with so much contempt, condemnation and ignorance that I have taken it upon myself to shake off this world view within myself. I live by the Latin phrase “Damnant quod non intelligunt (You condemn what you do not understand)” and hold myself to very strict adherence of this truth. If I find myself condemning a situation, a person or anything at all, I ask myself “I’m condemning this person/situation because I don’t understand it. Why would I condemn anyone/anything that I don’t fully comprehend?” I find that understanding, compassion and agape(the greatest of love) are virtues that I am cultivating within myself that enable me to become the best that I can be; the change that I wish to see in my world.

I am...

I am slowly but surely becoming the change that I want to see in my world.


Quot homines, tot sententiae.
Damant quod non intelligunt.
All we need is love.



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