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  • 2016-03-11 @ 11:26:07

    A rock exists without a mind, that’s because we observe it. We have a physical apparatus with a reasonable degree of command over, but it exists in a universe full of dynamics we can manipulate at best, we can learn to recognise our reactions but can’t even prevent them, we discipline after the fact. That is a measure of determination in an undetermined state, you can only determine somewhat more if you pay attention.

    Are You the God of Your Life? — You Will Go Mad Trying to Solve the Paradox of This Comic

  • 2016-03-11 @ 11:17:00

    I’m a Form Nihilist, a Substance Cynic, my view doesn’t lead to Nihilism it’s well beyond Nihilism. To most people yes, my view is subjective, that’s because it’s not their view.

    Are You the God of Your Life? — You Will Go Mad Trying to Solve the Paradox of This Comic

  • 2016-03-09 @ 08:48:56

    Cheers H, I haven’t stopped, I fear to think about how much writing I’ve done since this article, my brain would wrinkle.

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2016-03-09 @ 08:46:37

    Power on, you have soul to squeeze I’m sure.

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2016-03-09 @ 08:44:37

    Excellent, same same, absolutely love writing, will not stop until either my brain or hand is removed from my body.

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2016-03-09 @ 08:40:14

    Knowing is the easy part, accepting what you know is the real battle.

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2016-03-09 @ 08:05:26

    Sounds like Form Nihilism, humans made the mistake of thinking they have a talent for thinking, but in reality every innovation is a product of observation not rationalisation, rationalisation is every mistake we build into our innovations.

    Sublime Death: A Philosophy Comic That Will Chill You to the Core

  • 2016-03-09 @ 07:56:02

    I think it’s a lot of analysis. Reality is people without power are limited in the destruction capacity of their defect, society is mechanism to offset lack by trade of volunteer, law is a mechanism to protect the vulnerable from the powerful. What we have is a side helping of Pack neurology, just enough to incline towards Hierarchical or Oligarch dominance over a society rendered submissive to that aggression.

    D.H. Lawrence on the Overdeveloped Ego and Our Connection to the Cosmos

  • 2016-03-09 @ 07:36:24

    The Gem represents power, the humble warrior with a heart for a princess didn’t hold such lofty ambitions as power, and the irony of banishment was actually a saving grace, because that power consumed the realm sparing no one, not even he if he stayed. It’s a story about manic depression, ambition is death and destruction, humility is jaded survival. Life is the people he met along the way, some helped him and some he helped.

    Are You the God of Your Life? — You Will Go Mad Trying to Solve the Paradox of This Comic

  • 2016-03-09 @ 07:26:25

    The Interaction on a train scenario, a range of potential things to do and people to mingle with, but the train has its scheduled destination, except in our case that destination is death, and that train is as claustrophobic as a coffin.

    Are You the God of Your Life? — You Will Go Mad Trying to Solve the Paradox of This Comic

  • 2016-03-09 @ 07:19:48

    Your mind is the entire boundary of your life, you see yourself as a body walking around a society but you are really just a mind observing patterns you have grown familiar with. God of your own life? That is such an ambiguous idea it is meaningless, your neurology responds to stimuli and your psychology either indulges it or disciplines it, the first option is as simple as being ignorant of your neurological responses.

    Are You the God of Your Life? — You Will Go Mad Trying to Solve the Paradox of This Comic

  • 2016-03-09 @ 07:11:43

    In my experience, freedom is synonymous with self-control, if you don’t have it in appropriate measure society will defend its citizens from the threat you represent. That is reality, egocentricity can help you master yourself or it can have you destroy yourself and everything you touch.

    Are You the God of Your Life? — You Will Go Mad Trying to Solve the Paradox of This Comic

  • 2016-03-09 @ 07:01:58

    Personally I think both conclusions are fallacious, first the entire story revolves around one man and his existential crisis, but it never solves the dilemma because it ends with him alone and right back where he started, he learnt nothing except for how to mock his own life. We are not a god nor ruled by gods, we are a citizen of a species.

    Are You the God of Your Life? — You Will Go Mad Trying to Solve the Paradox of This Comic

  • 2014-12-27 @ 20:53:41

    I don’t know how many toxins or poisons it works for, I know it occurs with DDT that it doesn’t become deadly until you eat something that ate something exposed to it, I would expect it works for other more natural toxins also but I’m not entirely sure.

    And cheers man, pardon my absence.

    8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern….

  • 2014-12-27 @ 06:31:19

    I’d like to note the Laws in the Torah around Kosher are interesting by what we know from modern science, you will notice a common trend; any animal that eats other creatures is banned. There are a few exceptions to this rule, fish are known to eat just about anything they can including other creatures, but they are not banned because it is such an important staple that it would result in famine. Camels do not eat other creatures but they are banned because of their importance to the Hebrew economy. Shellfish and certain fish like catfish are banned specifically because they live on the seabed and sewerage and other contaminants from the city settles on the seabed which is why they are not Kosher.

    When we look at swine and fowl, including chicken, these are well known to eat other creatures, ranging from bugs, lizards, snakes, frogs, birds and small mammals. When we look at a toxin such as DDT we see that it doesn’t become toxic until second or third degrees of carnivorous consumption, this proves in science that toxins can multiply down the food web. Notably things like snakes, frogs, spiders and certain lizards have toxins, and where other creature eat them the toxicity multiplies, so if a pig or any animal eats a toxic creature then by the time humans eat the pig they can be fatally poisoned.

    This is an interesting observation for the writers of the Torah to make, but the reasons they provide for the ban are much less rational than what science says, something like they are just filthy or “unclean” animals or simply that God has ordered it are what we are told but it is consistent and possibly due to the expectation that common people would not understand the real reason that is how it ended up.

    Other notes on the Bible are about observations of human behaviour and motives that drive them, the benefits and consequences they accurately make are valid in psychology, notably the 7 Deadly Sins and the affects of conceptual reason described in the Eden story.

    8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern….

  • 2013-11-20 @ 19:09:38

    I think people choose to steer into oncoming traffic all the time, metaphorically speaking. Nice article.

    The Surprising Weird Thoughts That Disturb Us and What To Do About Them, Backed by Science

  • 2013-11-07 @ 00:00:33

    Communism, as the general public see it, is, as is said, linked to the Soviet dictatorship, where really the communities didn’t own anything, everyone was oppressed under a few elite, but wait, that sounds familiar cough-capitalism-cough

    A Brief Introduction to Marxism

  • 2013-10-26 @ 07:33:57

    Sorry for the late replies guys, I didn’t know there was this comment section, thanks

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2013-10-26 @ 07:31:33

    Yes, exactly. There is no shame in being who you are, in the case of a writer I suppose it is more an identity than an occupation, so we tend to play down its relevance when asked what we do, especially before we have made a cent from it.

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2013-10-26 @ 07:26:13

    The mind envisions, the hand scribes, but both are one, why would that which is scribed not also be one with them?

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2013-10-26 @ 07:23:55

    It’s a good first step, something I don’t think people can really be told, they just have to realise it themselves.

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2013-10-26 @ 07:22:02

    It makes me wonder how many writers out there call themselves something else (?) Glad to be of service and thanks

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2013-10-26 @ 07:19:35

    Success is in the act, not the aftermath ;) Thanks

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2013-10-26 @ 07:18:38

    Thanks Chode.

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2013-10-26 @ 07:17:43

    Thanks Filip, it was fun.

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2013-10-26 @ 07:17:01

    I think I went mad for 20 years before it occurred to me to write my novel, that’s how long I had the idea.

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2013-10-26 @ 07:15:30

    Thanks Ben, enjoyed your comment

    The Dreamer of the Dream: Why I Am a Writer

  • 2012-12-28 @ 05:07:47

    Logic is the path that is known to work, but to discover other things that may work you have to go off the path that has been established.

    Logic is overrated

  • 2012-12-24 @ 08:28:07

    Edit: “I believe Godliness is the completely objective line drawn between the relevant and the irrelevant” and the appropriate application of that knowledge.

    Mind-Blowing Story: “Talking to God…”

  • 2012-12-24 @ 08:26:19

    So do I believe in God? I believe Godliness is the completely objective line drawn between the relevant and the irrelevant. The “Balance” I mentioned is attainable by logic, dicipline and confidence in each our own judgement for what makes sense. I believe religions have within them, regardless of manipulative misinterpretations, a far better guidance in acheiving this balance and objective line than I could ever offer, it is a shame that it is underscored by the jaded for ignorance of the introspective qualities religions offer. I am a much nicer and mentally balanced person more due to that than anything else, despite the lack of faith I live by.

    Mind-Blowing Story: “Talking to God…”

  • 2012-12-24 @ 07:52:21

    Balance in and between our psyche and our interactions has immediate gain to ourselves and each other, if we accend beyond the need for that benefit I will be suprised, and that may well be level 2, but it is not really relevant before then except in attempts to forge greater understanding of the universe, which in itself is meerly a curiousity as compared to our personal dicipline in the afore mentioned “balance”.
    But I suppose I am dismissed by the super-brains of the future for not grasping the prophetic all encompassing truth to this philosophy, especially that what I see is an atheistic personification of God who calls people who have only made the same accurate points I have made, in their own way, as “misguided”

    Mind-Blowing Story: “Talking to God…”

  • 2012-12-24 @ 00:57:34

    After all this, we are simply back at finding psychological balance and appropriate interaction. I say that without bringing God into it.

    Mind-Blowing Story: “Talking to God…”

  • 2012-12-24 @ 00:48:14

    Dah, stating the obvious much? There is a lot of focus on collective potential as a species, I want to know what an idividual can achieve despite its species. Because if personal extinction is the only reward for the success of thought for an individual in a biologically finite and technologically limited world, what motivates? The end game for humanity? Well good for them but that asks a shit-tonne of altruism, something I don’t believe exists, or it asks a level of logic that divines to time indefinite, something no thing can manage with absolute objectivity without knowing every possible outcome.

    Mind-Blowing Story: “Talking to God…”

  • 2012-05-24 @ 04:51:30

    Contains my two favourite subjects, History and geography, thanks Dimitris

    European time lapse map (1000 AD – 2003AD)

  • 2012-04-02 @ 20:05:14

    As for 5 I love that I believe few have seen;
    1) Return of the living dead.
    2) Demons (Dario Argenta)
    3) Explorers (Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix)
    4) Madman
    5) Hard rain (this movie I cannot escape as one of my favorites, most will probably think it lame, but I love it)
    There are others, Evil dead, House, Red dawn, Road house, Cyborg, Wraith, Willow, but I could go for ages, I’ll stick with the official 5.

    25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

  • 2012-04-02 @ 19:51:25

    I have seen Snatch (great), the decent (cool), oh brother where art thou (memorable), Boogie nights (stand out), Mystery men (unique), Kung fu hustle (I found this film extrordinarily entertaining), 12 angry men (classic), and I think everyone has probably seen the big Lebowski (what can you say that hasn’t been said about this movie, I saw it before it was hyped by everyone, I think it is extremely hard to over hype this movie but it has been done)

    25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

  • 2012-04-02 @ 19:38:33

    I have seen Tucker and dale vs evil (funny), the terminal (excellent), Tropic thunder (Downey jr is always good), Romeo and Juliet (not bad), but Downfall and Man on the moon are stand out movies of what I have seen. I may have seen some of the others but I would have to start watching them to know for sure. I do not often watch westerns but I know there are some really great ones, I may well have seen that one but cannot recall. The main reason I forget movies is because I’ve seen so many but I always remember if I have seen them once I start to watch them.

    25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Pt. 2

  • 2012-01-05 @ 22:24:57

    I’m a hipster, I dropped out of High school before it was cool to do so, back in 1997. I’m from Australia, in fact Sydney, New South Wales and I have never left Australia. I have left N.S.W on two occasions, both were when I went to Canberra (this is a geography joke).
    When I left high school, I followed my dream of being a pot-head, a dream I held for ten years. In that time I was a lowly street sweeper and had begun to take speed. Soon enough shit hit the fan and I had a break down. In hospital I had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I managed to quit the speed, but kept up the pot.
    I spent a lot of time writing, but really it was to myself and had some rather alarming ideas to it. There were some really good ideas but a lot of wack-job content also.
    When I finally did give up on my dream to be a pot head looser for the rest of my life, all this dust settled in my mind and at last I could make sense of my ravings. I found it was not crazy at all, just jumbled. I saw that yes indeed I am a philosopher, theorist, a practical idea person but I am also a fiction writer.
    When you have a whigged out mind with so much fact and fiction rattling around together, it is understandable how one could seem mad. Another problem I had was I was great at both asking and answering questions, the thing was I was asking myself. This is incredibly dangerous to me because it is like when an irresistable force meets an unmovable object.
    Anyway, just recently, 3 or 4 months ago (give or take) I decided to look into quantum physics, just a passing interest, so I typed it into Google and what came up, amongst numerous others, was “The Quantum mind-fuck”. I thought, what the hey, I’ll have a look, and it brought me to High Existence.
    I had a quick look but didn’t take much note but I did later decide to show my brother the quantum mind-fuck.
    For some unknown compulsion I kept coming back to the site and finally decided I will join up. At this time I was not on Facebook, nor did I even have my own E-mail address but I used my brothers and voila here I am. I have since sorted out a lot of this internet crap but still learning.
    Since I have been here I have made the best descision I have ever made, besides choosing to sign up here, and that is to persue my passions. I have begun my first novel and I have decided that even if it is a dismal failure, that is beside the point, it is a success already because I love to do it.
    So thanks HE and all those part of this transition in my life that has been made.

    The Origins of High Existence

  • 2011-10-28 @ 00:12:49

    Thanks Anel. I have an over-whelming amount of beliefs but very few are set in stone. Despite the complexity of my belief system I am open and flexible. I do have core beliefs that are unchangeable and I have not encountered a situation where they affect my freedom or happiness, so I suppose I am a lucky one.
    A simple do and a simple don’t I have is; Have love for others and do not deliberately harm others. Other things I believe are; embrace any happiness that comes my way and seek wisdom.
    I believe in a God that is capable of anything, including paradoxes, so two conflicting arguments may actually both be correct. Every principle, even the warped ones, are motivated by factors that may be, or seem, invisible, so I seek to understand people from a psychological viewpoint rather than a judgemental one.
    I believe we have free will so we decide, for ourselves, what is right and wrong, not what we are taught or told, though I am open to opinions as all are valid otherwise the one with the opinion would not believe it (their own reasoning system created it), but I, any individual, ultimately decide what to accept or reject.
    We have this power to reform this structure at any given time, to evaluate it and, as you said “upgrade it” like a computer program. I like to think we are not so different, you and I, and your post was incredibly insightful. Sorry about the rant and thanks again.

    Your Worldview Can Set You Free

  • 2011-09-28 @ 23:11:21

    Hi, Phil, that is cool. You said it was a fitness test but the way you describe it, it sound more like a psychological, mind over matter, will power test. I suppose either mental power alone or physical fitness alone are not quite enough to cut it but to have both working in tandem can take you to a new extreme.

    On Becoming Superhuman: Using Jedi Mind Tricks To Increase Performance

  • 2011-06-24 @ 08:14:29

    if we can change the way they universe behaves simply by observing it, it poses the question; what else are we wrong about? I mean science is based on observed results how do we know if the results gained as scientific fact are actual? like a tree falling in the woods, if no one is there to hear it does it make a sound, well if no one is there perhaps it does not fall but simply respawns as fallen once someone arrives to observe it.

    This Will Mindfuck You: The Double Slit Experiment