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Life Philosophy

The only thing i know is that i do not know anything.
But i keep forgetting…

I am...

Interested in getting to know people´s true opinions and takes on life, so don´t hesitate to contact me if you want to talk and share life experiences, stories, ideas and life philosophies.


Patience is a virtue (i wish i could just fucking accept this already).

The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

You cannot have the positive without the negative, as you cannot have an inside and no outside. these things are one and the same thing, and the separation of them is only a linguistic illusion.



Alan Watts – Your it!

Chris Prentiss – Zen and the art of Happiness.


My favorite song of all time is a song by a group called Rebelution, and the song is called Feeling Alright. Hope you enjoy that one!

I listen to alot of different music and i am a musician myself. Some of my favorite groups and artists are:




Ed Sheeran.

The Script.

Bob Marley.

Damien Marley.

John Mayer.

Xavier Rudd. -Follow the sun baby-

Jan Eggum (wich is a norwegian singer/songwriter who has the most amazing song lyrics. They are in norwegian tho, so it might be a little hard for you guys to understand).

Film & TV

Game of thrones (oh my god, this is the shit!),
South park.
I´m also into the National Geographics series called Doomsday preppers, and think this is a clear sign that something is really going to go down in the coming future. if i only had a time machine i´d take a little ride and scope the terrain.