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  • 2013-11-08 @ 10:56:30

    Don’t you think #15 sort of contradicts with #14? I have difficulty with paradoxes myself – for example, being a detached observer (seeing with the 3rd eye) while maintaining the “observer is the observed” mentality. You are nothing, but you are everything etc…

    Of course we can do anything we set our minds to – human potential is similar to the universe: vast and intrinsically immeasurable. However, how can you distinguish between the voice that says “you can do anything!” and the “force it!”. Same with #11, all repetition and aspiring to do “anything” is theoretically resistance, is it not?

    I am not trying to poke holes in your insights, each one contains a golden nugget of wisdom – I am merely trying to get insights on questions I have personally been battling with for a while. How to maintain the Balance which is essential to the sustenance and growth of all living things…

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  • 2013-11-01 @ 17:01:38

    This was the topic of my meditation today. It is such a paradox. We are all branches from the same tree, yet we emphasize individuality. Why is apathy so prevalent around us? Why are we so afraid of one another…that is like a leaf saying it can grow without the nourishment of the tree itself.

    Don’t get me wrong…I had the biggest case of social anxiety, and still get attacks of anxiety. But it was because I defined myself individually. But we are all one in the end. So different, yet so alike. Aside from common language, there is the Language of the World which penetrates the spirit of every sentient creature. Yet it is the bane of my existence that some just don’t see it like that.

    Reality is very subjective, and can change as easily as you wish to see it. Does that mean that it is impossible for anyone to understand us? I don’t know. Questions like these are not meant to be answered definitively. It’s what gives life purpose. The Mystery – The Game.

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  • 2013-10-22 @ 22:19:40

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  • 2013-10-17 @ 21:11:35

    What about OBE’s? What is their place amongst the Jhanas? I meditated yesterday and felt the sensation of self separating from body, like my soul beaming up into the heavens and becoming ONE with the universe. I trusted it, I gave up trying to conform anything to my will. The observer became the observed. My soul was traveling out of my body but it was more in sync with it than it has ever been. I felt intense vibrations throughout my body and the corner of my eye lids…i started to see aura manifesting itself and I immediately got warped into another world where I was in the presence of the divine. I also started to see colours, much like the feeling you get when you apply pressure on your eyes. I felt an exhilarating sense of ecstatic bliss, everything was clear and I felt very high. I began to experiment with my body and floated around which felt very real. However I got too excited and it vanished too quickly. As I opened my eyes I felt the silver cord returning to its home as my soul plummeted back into my body. It too me a few minutes to adjust to my surroundings and I could still see the aura off of everything around me.

    Any thoughts?


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