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Why do we meditate?

I’m trying to question why I do this, to control my emotions, balance myself and feel more in control of my life… is this necessarily a good thing, is it just maintaining a stronger...

What ideal/s do you live by?

beliefs, sayings, thinkers, artists, philosophies, religions do you use to guide your life? Or have you not settled yet? . ..

The US dictatorship, revolution?

With what has happened over the years, what’s happening in Syria, Libya and the recent Boston bombings… What do you think of it? Was it a false flag? Can we ever know, being in the UK, am...

Quantum buddhism… ? anyone ?

Bear with me now, but on truth seeking.. Why seek truth when we cannot observe any true reality; we are stuck in that we can only view things from our eyes, which have can only perceive a select few...

Compassion and Detachment

It seems to me like they don’t fit together, but Buddhists claim these are the most important virtues to be cultivated! Has something been lost in translation? I can see how detachment from...