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Finding a Soulmate Using Inner Game
You may be one of those people who almost never succeed in finding a an online mateOftentimes, you find it easier to act social and cool in a particular place than in another. This particular place is called your very own “comfort zone”.

In your own comfort zone, you totally know how to handle a conversation and whom to share it with. However, beyond that comfort zone, you become nothing and this is never simple if you are in a quest of finding a soulmate. The reason for this is the fact that more often than not, we use particular external methods and societal skills which are not usually applicable to all situations we can possibly be into.  If you’re the type to have a solid set of beliefs of being a male of high status and that wherever you go, you belong to the elite group of males, and then these kinds of things will not come as a problem to you.

This is because your determination and strength compel people around you to change the way they behave to suit you. If ever Bill Clinton had walked right into an intense rock or hip hop performance, he would have completely changed everyone’s way of thinking. He would have them begging to conciliate his own way to interact.

Do you always bombard yourself with question – “how can I find love?”  Well, try the inner game. The inner game comes as a positive influence to your body’s language. As a matter of fact, according to 55% of the signals of communication that we show are the result of how other people view us, 38% is the result of the manner by which they listen to us and only 7% is the result of the impact of the words we let go.

The answer to the question – “how do I find true love?” depends on your ability to communicate. To be able to truthfully communicate with another person, it is essential to have a firm inner game which is known as “congruence”. Congruence is what results when the words you let out of your mouth match your attitude and the language of your body. It’s like acting like Super Man in front of a woman but inside feeling is like Clark Kent. She will notice this and you’re guaranteed to face rejection.

The inner game helps improve your life’s every facet which consequently makes you look more appealing and thus makes it easier for you to answer your mind-boggling question of “how do I find true love?” The development of your inner game does not necessarily need to be limited only to self-confidence and your sets of belief with girls. Inner game is applicable to everyone and your life all in all. You can do a little exercise of rethinking the ideas you thought of before or like not being able to have a good education then have your inner subconscious help you change that for things to begin happening. The important thing about succeeding which does not necessarily mean getting rich is that it makes you look doubly appealing to girls consequently raising your self-confidence more.

Not being able to learn the right techniques to develop your inner game can cause many embarrassments as well as disappointments. Your sense of humor and other attributes will amount to nothing without the presences of an inner game.