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  • 2015-06-02 @ 19:21:36

    There is a reason that justifies mandatory vaccination. There are a few groups of people you can not vaccinate: babies, elderlies and people with a weak immune system (heart disseases etc.). These can be protected by the herd immunity, as they have no choice to be vaccinated. Plus vaccines do not protect you 100% from that disseas, it is only something in the region of 92%. But If you have a great group of people vaccinated you only have few infections that can not spread. With low vaccination rates you may get sick while being vaccinated. Those are the reason why I think vaccinations should be mandatory at least in places like schools, hospitals or public agencies.

    12 Reasons Why You Should Get Vaccinated

  • 2013-10-21 @ 14:35:57

    “You are only a tiny droplet in an endless ocean” -“But what is an ocean if not a mass of drops” Cant stop using that quote, I love it. I have to agree, and I feel similar, allthough not as strong. I am writing a bit as well, my eyes are reading every line of news and information I can find. We are here to change things, each is a drop, but together we are a wave, en mase we are a zunami destroying the old ways and reforming the land. Chnage is permanent, there is no optimum. The only question is, what do we change, to what wil it come? We are here to influent the change, every drop is going the way it wants.

    It’s Time To Wake Up

  • 2013-10-10 @ 07:44:33

    Wouldn’t have thought so many of the words are German, we do have extremely different words. Do you know Schadenfreude? We invented that one, pretty much shows how we Germans are :P

    There’s a Word for That: 25 Expressions You Should Have in Your Vocabulary

  • 2013-09-07 @ 13:53:54

    I’m missing a conclusion, would you say “go see Atlantis for some psychadelics” or “better keep ypur fingers off that stuff if you can”. And could you please explain?

    Ego, Fear, and the War on Drugs

  • 2013-09-01 @ 10:33:16

    As Snowden revealed the espionage priority in europe was layed on my country (germany) we should be calling. I hate how our politics didn’t do anything, especially as EU officers had been spyed on phisically (hidden microphones…). I am afraid I can’t change anything, yet… (to young…)

    Act Now and Take Your Freedom Back – Repeal the Surveillance State Act

  • 2013-08-21 @ 07:46:00

    Awesome, I was about to ask how to escape the zombies. What to do if your ideas are being held from you by that aweful lot calling themselves my parents? (I would love to work with world generation programs, but my parents hate computers and barely let me use my own property. The most time I can do anything is in the middle of the night, my thoughts are pretty lame there…)

    Get Creative: A Guide to Beating the Zombie Apocalypse

  • 2013-08-05 @ 17:08:46

    I will defenitly try this when I’m back home, allthough it will be hard in the German society (I think I should write a post about that, hmm, my first thread …). But that will be really hard with my parents, I have all right to hate them, allthough hate doesn’t make any sense, darn it, this day of your posts has made me crazy, I haven’t felt so anxious again.

    The Love Experiment: Conclusions

  • 2013-08-05 @ 15:20:53

    If found a trick how I deal with indecision when confronted with numerous options, it works good for me. I do one of the chidlish outcounts, through a coin or something like that and then hear into myself if I regret that decision, if I do I change it to the other option.

    Cutting Out the Crap 2/3: Negative Emotions

  • 2013-08-05 @ 15:13:28

    Thanks for this artical, it really made me think about two of my “friends”. They were good friends till half a year ago, but both of them are strange, with one of them I can understand it, but not with the second. (Im 14, were all together in school and the ones parents divorced…). But I don’t really know how to get rid of them, cause we are around each other 5 hours a day. Aargghh, why does it need to be so complicated…

    Cutting Out the Crap 3/3: Dynamism Vampires

  • 2013-08-05 @ 10:06:32

    Wow, that blasted my mind. I will defenitly try to follow these and try to improve my extremely bad condition, I hope it works, allthough I allready see the problems of my environment stopping me in some, but it is worth to try. Is it possible to have this comunity help yourself directly (making a post describing your position and asking for advice) and if yes, where?

    50 Life Secrets and Tips