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  • 2013-10-21 @ 12:44:39

    Talk about timing! It’s as though this article was written specifically for me. I can relate to so much in this artcile and also learn a lot from it. This weekend, I felt a depression sweep over me and it all finally spilled out when a friend asked me how I was doing over chat. I’ll paste some of the text here just to show on the ball you are in this article:

    Me: ”but everyone knows we have the technology and resources to help every.single.persn on this earth
    and we dont
    and ya know what? fuck me cos what am i saying? im asking to feed the world when i wouldnt even look a homeless person in my own city in the face.
    and it’s because the world is filled with people like me, that nothing will ever be done.”

    The tried to convince me that I wasn’t selfish.

    Me: that’s what is bothering me. if i were someone who lived in ignorance, then fair enough. but im not. I am someone who knows, as many do, of the myriad of problems in the world;some very fixable, and do NOTHING about it. And a reason to that is the feeling of just how small you are compared to the big guys, the companies, the faceless logos.

    It’s Time To Wake Up