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Be the change you want to see in the world. If we all sat around waiting for someone else to come along and fix the problem there wouldn’t be anything left to fight for.

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23 years old living in Muncie, Indiana working a couple bs jobs trying to get student loans paid off. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself over the last couple years and I firmly believe that this world is not meant for us to go day by day working for nothing. I hate how mundane our society has become, and this lack luster fall in line mentality that has swept through the general consciousness is robbing us of pure creativity. In the end I love everything about life the up the downs, the way I see it No matter what happens I always manage to learn somethin.


I’m coming through the door,but they’re expecting more,of an interesting man,sometimes I think I can.But how much can I think, I’ll speak until I break,with every word I say,
offend in every way.

“White Stripes”

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