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Name is Austin: Good Vibes

Hello from 2:30est I am procrastinating on a 2-3 page paper for my Game Theory class. Just have describe a real world game and strategies associated with it. I think I’m gonna do the game of...


Does any HEthen have experience with the Americorps?

Trouble viewing in Chrome.

When I try to open this website in Google Chrome, it freezes and won’t load. Am I the only one suffering from this? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Is it possible to be both (wo)man and child?

How does one go about balancing the idea of responsibility and keeping a child like outlook? I’m having a hard time explaining what I’m thinking right now, maybe your responses will help.

Disgust for fat people

Am I the only one? Like I tense up and even become more agitated with things they say. Sorry for the weak opening post. I’ll expand soon but school is so consuming right now.

Video and Image Discussion Sorting

Just an idea. To increase discussion on the numerous wonderful images and videos now featured on the front page, could another sorting tab be listed where it would be based of the most recent reply.