I had just arrived in Amsterdam when, by a stroke of cosmic luck, I found out that one of my intellectual heroes, Vinay Gupta, was going to be visiting the city.

In the few months prior to heading to Amsterdam for three months to work with the HighExistence team, I’d become increasingly enthralled by Vinay’s ideas. He’s a technologist, inventor, futurist, systems theorist, and global resilience guru whose life’s work focuses on how to ensure the long-term survival and flourishing of the human race. 

Upon discovering Vinay’s work, it felt like I had finally found someone whose fingers were pressed squarely upon the pulse of what is happening in our world at this historical moment. Not only did he seem to have honed in on the largest problems humanity would face in the coming century and beyond, he was working on solutions to those problems. 

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Vinay Gupta.

I listened to many hours of his lectures and interviews—an experience I found to be one of the most educational of my life. Eventually, a mutual friend of ours connected us on Facebook, and I was able to start communicating with Vinay directly.

Shortly after that, by the grace of something like a Jungian synchronicity, Vinay told me he would be coming to Amsterdam for a few days to participate in a couple of events. He suggested that we meet, and the rest is history.

Though I wasn’t planning to interview him, he had some portable recording equipment with him, so we decided we might as well record a chunk of our conversation. Here’s what happened next:

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