[Concerning magic mushrooms] I’ve mentioned that psilocin, which is what psilocybin quickly becomes as it enters your metabolism, is 4 hydroxy dimethyltryptamine. It is the only 4-substituted indole in all of organic nature. Let this rattle around in your mind for a moment. It is the only 4-substituted indole known to exist on earth. It happens to be this psychedelic substance that occurs in about eighty species of fungi, most of which are native to the New World. Psilocybin has a unique chemical signature that says, “I am artificial; I come from outside.” I was suggesting that it was a gene – an artificial gene – carried perhaps by a spaceborne virus or something brought artificially to this planet, and that this gene has insinuated itself into the genome of these mushrooms.

Terence McKenna

  • Athens (13) January 4, 2013

    This is so fucking interesting, I love this quote. But I’d also like to add that McKenna avoided mushrooms for 10 years til his death after being shattered by meaninglessness from Psilocybin.

    • Zane (89) October 23, 2013

      Really? I had no idea. I’d like to read more about that if you have any links. Did he say this in an interview?