George: Oh my God Lucy, shut up…
Lucy: That was rude George!
George: What’s wrong with being rude?
Lucy: Being rude is mean!
George: What’s wrong with being mean?
Lucy: Its not nice to say mean and rude things to people!
George: Why do I have to be nice?
Lucy: Because being nice to people will make them happy George, duh!
George: Why can’t they control their own emotions? Why do I have to act in a certain way for other people to be happy?
Lucy: Because being rude is not the right way to go about talking to people. People don’t like to be insulted, it’s going to turn then off.
George: So you’re telling me I have the power to control how people feel? All I have to do is say certain words and I can turn them off or on, or make them happy or angry, or even sad?
Lucy: Yes! Everything you do effects other people.
George: Well I never claimed responsibility for everyone’s emotions. Everybody’s emotions are theirs to deal with, and people should know how to control their own emotions. That is a lot of power that people are giving to others.
Lucy: Even though you did not claim responsibility for everybody’s emotions, you should still be considerate of how other people feel.
George: I COULD be considerate of how other people feel, but it’s only a choice. I am not obligated to go around and make other people feel good at the expense of myself. I like to speak the truth, or at least my truth. And sometimes the truth is rude.. In fact, most of the time, it is rude. Because people spend most of their lives lying to themselves about how they feel, who they are, and what’s going on in our world. Speaking the truth could be considered rude, so your saying I should lie, in order to be nice, and preserve a forever changing happy feeling that they are probably going to lose by the end of the day regardless of whether or not I was nice? No thank you. I will be doing people a disservice by adding more lies to the world. I’d rather be honest and hurt their little feelings rather than lie, and falsely inflate their temporary feelings.
Lucy: Don’t be surprised when nobody wants to talk to you.
George: Then I will be a TRUE loner.


  • DCEEZY (5) December 28, 2014

    How is telling someone to shut up also speaking the truth? In my experience, telling someone to shut up is usually an emotional reaction to what someone else is doing or saying. Usually being annoyed with what they are doing or saying. If George was able to control his own emotions, he wouldn’t have felt the need to tell her to shut up. George seems like a hypocrite. His “rudeness” was not about being honest, as he claims, it was about being unable to control his emotions. Is this the point or the dialogue?

    • Sarkastik Ninja (12) December 28, 2014

      @DCEEZY Telling somebody to shutup can be both an emotional reaction AND it could also be a less-than-nice way of telling someone to stop talking to you. Now, in this dialogue George was defending his own choice of words by saying he has a choice of what to say, regardless of how it is perceived or judged. It is very possible that one’s actions could be out of lack of emotional control AND honesty. The point of the dialogue is: 1) It isn’t helpful to expect people to act the way that YOU expect them to because that is asking for life-long disappointment. 2) It isn’t healthy to always hide the way you truly feel about a person or situation. and 3) Be the source of your own happiness :).

      Thanks for the read & reply