I awoke on a cot within a square room coupled by stone walls. The room, like many others were apart of a monastery along a stretching column with big ionic pillars decorated brilliantly with images of Gods, story lines, and design. A woman ran frantically down the hallway and entered my room. She wore a white gown situated with rope around her waist; her hair gorgeously braided around her head. Catching her breath she stated that she needed me to come with her to an alter, not for marriage, no, for a ceremony of evolvement. I agreed to walk with her, knowing what needed to be done to both of us in order for us to become who we needed to be. As we walked, we entered a town center lined with houses built up from the ground from stucco, stone, and sand, with people all dressed in little cloth hustling around their daily routines, selling and trading items, laughing and talking in a foreign language I could not understand. In the center of the town square was an arched temple in the shape of a cube. On every corner of this temple were horns and I asked the woman, "What are those horns for?" She laughed and said that they were for gathering and alerting the masses. We kept walking through the crowds and came to a staircase that led to an alter that, when standing on, looked over the sea and mountainous regions of beyond with vibrant clouds in the sky and the sun shining between them. Making no haste, the woman grabbed me by both of my hands and asked if I was ready. . . I replied with enthusiasm and closed my eyes. A surge of energy entered my mind, the crown of my skull pressurized and released through the brow of my forehead; through my third eye chakra. Behind my closed eyelids, brilliant kaleidoscope patterns and colors flushed my vision and took me to another 'place' within this world. My spirit left my body into the heavens, with this woman's spirit dancing next to mine as we traveled together. As we came back, the scene of the city turned ominous, great clouds rolled over the mountains to the west, bringing darkness from above. We hurried back to the center of town, the horns on the temple were gone and sounding from the highest buildings, and I looked towards the mountains and saw a dam that protected the city from being washed away crumbling down and water beginning to come down. The people of the city were helping one another bury their belongings in the ground, saying not a word to each other, just working frantically. I could feel their fear, my own fear, and the fear of the woman who now held my hand as we ran to a boat on a river that already was being packed with people to attempt to escape the imminent and most certain death. As we sat down, I looked back towards the dam and saw a great wall of water engulfing and destroying everything in its path. I gazed into the woman's eyes and stated, "We will be okay, even if it's our end, it will be okay." She nodded and closed her eyes. I took a deep breath in and closed my eyes . . . as I did, it felt nothing had changed at all, that I had been here before, that what was happening, actually happened at some point before. I felt the water take the boat up and thrust it forward catapulting everyone on it forwards and into the river to be buried by the wall of water. I kept my eyes shut, and repeated the mantra, 'everything will be okay, I will be okay'. As I rolled and tumbled in the water, death came to me, it whispered in my ears, and took over my mind. Before I died I calmly told myself one last thing, "Don't forget to let go, just like the last time." And my soul opened up to the sky and I was gone.

My dream of a past life, January 1st, 2013. Conner J.