What good is it to be inspired only to let the inspiration fade into inaction? Are we such vampires of emotion that we feed off of books, music, movies, and the like for our next kick? Yet we sit idly by wondering why the world is falling apart, but what steps and measures do you take to help with the pain that you see? You look for great healers and helpers and take confidence in what they do. Someone will take care of it you say, but who are you not to be that someone? Fear? We all have fear. What good is a knight that fights a dragon if he has no fear? Is that not the most interesting part of the tale? If we all had the attitude of giving the responsibility to others, then no one would act. Those who act take it upon themselves to be the great healers and helpers. We still live in our fairy tales and comics, waiting for the knight in shining armor or superman to come save us from our refuse. One acts despite fear to conquer what others dare not face. The more we idolize this OTHER the more we put off becoming it ourselves. The story of the knight is meant to inspire us to action, to fight our own dragons. But we let the notion and idea of it being a kids tale, diminish its meaning so that we may continue to live our comfortable lives. Greater than all that we have now, is the reward we shall receive if we turn inwards and overcome our own demons and monsters. Those who thrive in the night surely will quake to the one who has conquered the unknown. For it is they that have made the void their home. They have become actors, no longer the audience.

Glenn Smith