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Hero’s Journey (Becoming a Real Man)

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Powellooza 2011

LIKE THIS? – Powellooza is an annual event in Lake Powell AZ. It’s about 150 (mostly Mormons) people get together for 3 days about 20 miles boat ride in...

RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award. For more information...

Behind the Other Door – Felix Nobody x Notepad (Official Music Video)

Egoflow Records Present Director/Director of Photography/Editor – Michael Tribby Felix Nobody x Notepad Behind the Other Door (Prod. LA Beatz) Single of off “Have A Nice Trip”...

Virtual Cleanse – Day 4 Evening – Frequency

“Shooter” – Lamar Jorden

Raw version of Lamar’s “Shooter” poem from the Louder Than a Bomb documentary. SEE THE FILM: Twitter: @louderthanabombfilm FB: Louder Than a Bomb documentary

Matthew Silver a man of genius

Matthew silver, spreads the message of love in a inspiring way

Declare Your Radicalness

**The following is an article posted on the Harvard Business Review, written by Umair Haque. I...

Jordan Lejuwaan

Science & Theory behind the Tapping World Summit – Bruce Lipton

A field approach to science does not negate the importance of discovering the various mechanism of function that are found in biology. However, a mechanical approach alone limits the scope of...

nature biz multidimensional

subconscious muzik…..infinite empire productions….produced and wrote by biz…..