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Breaking Bread: 4 Easter Lessons You Won’t Learn in Church

“And their eyes were opened…” Last Christmas, I put forward the idea that the birth of Christ...


How to (Not) Give a Fuck Like a Zen Master

To liberate your mind, you must learn to give a fuck and not give a fuck at the same time.

Jordan Bates

Robotboys feat. Poppin John

Learn from Poppin John at // Robotboys’ Manager: (+45) 40855584 NEW: // Also: // –...

Danielle (Official)

I attempted to create a person in order to emulate the aging process. The idea was that something is happening but you can’t see it but you can feel it, like aging itself.

Alien Civilization Makes Contact!

From the documentary “Crop Circles: Crossovers from Another Dimension”. To see the full documentary, click here: // On August 16,...

When Your Life Doesn’t Fit into a Story

All along you were supposed to choose your own adventure

Nervousness, Anxiety & Fear ~ Spoken by Mooji

“Stay only as the space in which this anxiety plays. It’s okay to feel like this in this moment…. you did not cause it. If you can admit it, immediately you already start to...

Free Congress from the Norquist Pledge (Professor Robert Thurman’s Meme)

Professor Robert Thurman of Columbia University draws attention to the treasonous behavior of congress persons who have made pledges to Grover Norquist that contradict their pledges made to the United...