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PJ Johnson # Posted on March 24, 2011 at 11:16 pm

I will start with the second type of non-lights or shapes that you see, I believe those are energy patterns best discovered by first focusing *long* like into the blue of the sky, then letting the middle field come over, and you see these little energy marks darting around like so many little sperms, but they follow around shapes. I have heard about courses offered to help people discover this, but like you it just happens to me naturally.

The little stars or pin pricks of light, could be your retina detaching, or tiny ischemic attacks(strokes). The fact the your BF agrees that he saw them too could be, maybe lol, he is just being sweet, most men will agree to anything when they are in bed with you.

I see colors, my eyes can be closed or open doesnt matter, its easier to see in a darkened room as the light of these colors arenot very bright. I think I am seeing the six colors of my chakras, teal, aqua, magenta, vermilion and amber and indigo, they fold over each other and make boring patterns, this has been happening for years so its not a serious medical condition, if its that!