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Sarah Porter # Posted on March 25, 2011 at 3:05 am

Okay guys, I once adored coffee. I was married to it for three years and then I wanted a divorce but I didn’t want to leave me. So this is my story about how I stopped drinking coffee and if that is your goal I hope that this will help you to stop drinking it too! So first there was the coffee box (a failure to say the least). This is where I would make a box and then when I wanted coffee I would put the amount that I would spend on coffee in the box and forfeit the drink in the hopes that I would have a lot of money to spend on more useful things at the end of the month. This did not work. I did stop drinking coffee when I came across an interesting article that described the effects coffee has on your body. It said that coffee forces your body into the fight or flight response in which raises your heart rate, tenses up your muscles, etc. After reading this I stopped drinking it with no hard feelings. I didn’t want my body to be in a constant state of emergency. I now drink tea and I feel much better!