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mario # Posted on March 25, 2011 at 7:01 am

Egle, I think that you definitly don’t have a weight problem, and i’m tottaly with you on the aloneness. Something you can do to help your aloneness is when your out and about doin your daily thing, Radiate with happiness towards all

If you see someone who is down lift them up.
And when you are down someone will lift you up.

And if you are down and nobody lift’s you up…

You Lift someone up and that will bring you up too

Kathryn, I stole the butterfly thing from elton john.
What you said about your recent guy rang a bell of familiarity with me. I have tottaly done that before, and I call that the downward insecurity spiral which leads to aloneness.
I know when a man shows his insecurities its a big turn off for a woman, but to really be close to someone you got to be talking about everything together.everything.. we hold back and it causes us issues later, we all sweep shit under the carpet.its harmful to us