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Simone # Posted on March 26, 2011 at 7:16 pm

This a great thread; it’s very cathartic, I find.
Here it goes:


I have really small boobs, and this is a huge insecurity for me when it comes to dating, etc. I mostly hide it, but it’s still there.


Like the thread originator, whenever I like a guy and begin to see them on a semi-serious basis, I focus excessively on their insecurities, and when my perfect of illusion of them I held previously is shattered, I am terrified and actively pull away. This has happened many times, and I honestly am not sure why. I’m sure it must be some sort of insecurity that I’m reflecting out on to them, I just have no idea what it is.

I am terrified that I’m actually, deep-down just not very intelligent or capable of learning. Intelligence has always been one of my greatest assets, and now I’m beginning to fear that I’m genuinely not very smart. It’s terrifying.

I’m really wiggy about sex in general; that’s not really a personal insecurity, I suppose, I just get so caught up in the awkwardness of the situation that I forget to enjoy myself.