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Maureen Anne Satana # Posted on March 27, 2011 at 12:57 am

text random people how much u fucking miss them…
or send a group message saying: ayo, folk!! whats up for tonight. Can’t feel Mr. Life i think he just drop me so Im gonna kiss him tonight and Imma do it pretty hard!!… sH*tie Life.. He fucking Love me… lol
a super warm bath!! lotz of scrub wash all the fucking impurities and smell scent of rose, lotions and lipstick!! read bOOkz!!(P.S why books are so expensive??, lol)
DAAaAAaaAnce!! get lost with the rhythm of the music… Move thy body like a snake and feel everything inside going out!! lol.. sh*tie, love doing it… hahaha

and Last but the the least: talked to my hOomies whos fucking drunk… lol.. they always give me a good advice!! aaaaAAAah!! i miss them, even thou they always pissed me…( p.s i pissed them back )
song always connect us ^^