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Dan # Posted on March 28, 2011 at 10:02 pm

– I feel like my butt has a disproportionate amount of fat from the rest of my body.
– I wish I were a bit more tall.

– My mood swings greatly and I often become furious or violent over small stuff.
– My social and personal selves are quite split, makes me a socially awkward person – but I think I’m getting better.
– My ego is that of 10 men it seems. I hate my ego. It won’t go away. (Can anyone help me with this?)
– I am not genuinely empathetic toward people 97% of the time, I can only pretend most of the time.
– I have a hard time focusing my thoughts and coming to conclusions about myself. I tried meditating a few times but cannot achieve the state. My mind is cloudy, even stormy sometimes.