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Kristina # Posted on March 30, 2011 at 1:38 am

1. I realized last year that I love traveling, and so I began to go for it. In the past year I’ve been to Maui, Oregon, So Cal, Boston, Tahoe, Yosemite, Washington, and Illinois (Every trip but one I paid for myself.)

2. I find beauty in a lot of every day things that most people don’t give a second thought, which in turns helps me live in the moment and truly appreciate the world I have in front of me.

3. I am pretty sweet. I love to give and help others. Even if it means giving a random back rub in the middle of the day, or making someone soup when they are sick.

4. I LOVE going on adventures. I’m always down for a drive or a day trip anywhere, or even just laying in the park and reading/writing all day.

5. I am mature for my age, and have a pretty good head on my shoulders- and use it to my advantage.