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Krish Jagirdar # Posted on March 31, 2011 at 6:49 am

@Bryan Yeah dude thats a great point. I can remember many times praying for something and having the exact opposite outcome occur. But something about this was just eerie man, the way i felt, idk man. What happened with damn near impossible.

I was considering putting it there but i thought it differed slightly. Prayer is an interesting thing. I think prayer definitely has some affect on the world around us, in my opinion there is definitely a power of prayer. But who knows, I sure dont. I hope you didnt find my prayer trivial. It sounds to me that you prayed a lot for something that didnt end up coming into fruition. I’m sorry about that if that’s the case dude. I sometimes have to remind myself that just because I prayed it doesn’t mean I control the whims of God or hold the reigns of the universe – being able to alter causality and reality. Que Sera, Sera If someone had swiped my wallet immediately after I dropped it, no matter how much I prayed, I probably wouldn’t have got my wallet back. But it does suck when we are forced to deal with the sad parts of life :/

pps. that’s awesome.