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Michael # Posted on March 31, 2011 at 9:49 pm

I wasn’t too sure what the poll meant exactly by visualizations, I had assumed it was referring to the theatre of the mind (mind’s eye?). I would consider myself in the same category as you, Krish; dark and not so vivid. Excluding the fact that the visualization process might come easier to some simply through genetics or other means, I would think the only way to get better at it would be to practice. I wouldn’t mind some tips from more experienced visualizers though, I’m eager to learn.
In consistently and continually focusing the mind’s eye on whatever specific goal or outcome you thereby attract that what you have conjured through your thoughts. Furthermore this makes me think of how the creative mechanism within each of us will execute subconsciously whatever orders our conscious mind directs towards it; that is its purpose. When thinking in a negative manner we attract negative emotions (worry, anxiety, etc.) and negative outcomes. The same can be said about thinking positively; the likelihood of a positive outcome is directly related to our interpretation of a given situation with our thoughts.
This relates to visualizations in how if one were to spend time every day consistently practicing directing their focus towards a desired (i.e. positive) outcome using the theatre of the mind, it will likely occur as you had imagined. Most people, including myself, don’t even realize when negative interpretations or thoughts regarding a future situation arise in our mind, and how this only further perpetuates the likelihood of a negative outcome.