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Ryan Wood # Posted on April 1, 2011 at 5:01 am

I have been single my entire life I am 22 years old. do I regret this not at all. do I get lonely FUCK YES!!! I have tried dating and stuff but I have never met anyone (who feels the same way towards me[Jake Gyllenhaal] and it sucks) that I am totally connected with and willing to be in a relationship with. Should you take risks and go on dates? Yes, of course! you must be safe about it though(rapist). Is being single better than a relationship? It depends on if your in the right or wrong relationship or who you are as a person. For me i would love to be in one. I am willing to wait for my Jake Gyllenhaal to sweep me off my feet so we can make out passionately. This way of living is not for everyone. Patience and strength( to keep it in your pants) are a must.