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Manimal # Posted on June 24, 2014 at 4:18 pm

Worry-less is a signature trait of the mind-numbing, poorly paid crap jobs.
That’s why everyone does it, it doesn’t require any real thinking and there’s plenty of safety nets. Everyone does it, and everyone has what it takes to do it, so everyone involved is disposable and therefore won’t be payed much.

You gotta choose in life. The easy way, or the worthwhile way.
The easy way is always disappointing and limiting.

If you want an above-average financial situation, you gotta use your brain and be prepared to worry and take risks.
Nothing worthwhile ever came easily to anyone. When things get easy, the outcome loses its value because practically everyone already has it. Things that aren’t as easy scare the idiots away, so there’s plenty of unclaimed treasure up for grabs and very little competition.