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Ryan # Posted on June 25, 2014 at 3:06 am

All I can offer is my two-cents on the matter. Personally, I find all militaries obsolete because in the end we are fighting not only each other, but ourselves as well; our very souls. I believe a more peaceful means of intelligent dialogue and consensus can bring about far greater change and prosperity than force can. I don’t believe in the divide of countries, simply that we are here on Earth, and at the deepest levels, all of us want peace if it can be attained.

Working for the gov you become a pawn where a free-thinking, loving ideology has no place in an institution created for dominion and control as well as the subjugation and commoditization of people into items to be tossed around as poker chips.

Dude, you gotta do what’s right in your heart for you. Take the Golden Rule and run with it. You said it yourself, and if you have any doubt in your mind, I can assure you a better option exists where you can be completely satisfied with your lifestyle. It’s been over 2 years since your original posting, but if you read this, take it from a guy who desperately wanted to get into West Point, only to realize upon rejection that I really wanted to go the opposite route all along and am currently trying to work into Green Energy, Environmental Science, Sustainable living, wellness, and all that mumbo jumbo.

Face yourself and go with your intuition. Don’t allow an easy, structured, and supposedly “honored” lifestyle consume the other possibilities you wish to achieve.
I’m not trying to condemn you or any other individual in the military, (there’s no doubt you can do great things there), but you can give so much more to people without conforming to an institution based around fear, force, death, and blind acceptance to authority.

Be your own master. Love is truly the strongest weapon.