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jgreen # Posted on June 25, 2014 at 6:41 am

Sex matters only as far as you make it matter. There are a lot of studies that prove this statement and I honestly agree with it, BUT good sex can compensate other things in a relationship that without it would maybe be too much. It doesn’t have to, but that is what I have experienced, sex is very stress relieving. It is also very good to get to know your partner more. :)

Do what you think is right for you. But be aware, that some people will actually need sex for a stable relationship and even if they say that it is not a problem, it may become one after a while. Finding the right partner is crucial for such a relationship to work.

Sex is fun, intimate, bonding, stress relieving and most of all, it feels really good. There is nothing wrong about it. What you also might to consider is, that the bible was written during a time, where marriages weren’t necessarily a thing of love, but more of economic reasoning. That way girls would be married at a very young age, so the whole notion of no sex before marriage needs a reconsideration. But that is just my opinion.