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Kris # Posted on June 25, 2014 at 2:32 pm

Interesting, to say that the physical cap is constructed by the mind, and to then say, the mind is created to be capped. Mind and Mind Knowing is all there is. Everything else is illusory effect produced by Mind Knowing, even the physical capping of Your-“self”. The observations are true that our brains processing experience are limited by the tools plugged into them; eyes, ears, touch, ect. HOWEVER, whom is observing these processes? “God given birthright powers” is just a stipulation, one no different than viewing time linearly. In order to Know anything, you must understand not just the illusory effects, but the Cause that produces them. The Cause, like the punchline, is the same. Its You. You are the cause to every effect in your life. The continuity of cause and effect deceives the brain, very much like the frames of a moving picture deceive the brain into seeing motion, which is not justified.