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MonkeyZazu # Posted on June 26, 2014 at 11:15 pm

I would like to share an excerpt from a book I recently read that describes the story of a man who was dead for 7 days, but then came back to life. In it he explains the events leading up to his death, and what he experienced while he was dead. The story is somewhat long and would take up a good chunk of this thread, so I’ll summarize everything leading up to his death.

This man worked in Singapore as a policemen where he specialized in negotiation. The day before he died he went to a Buddhist temple where he encountered a head priestess. She stopped and told him that he was in grave danger, that he had a dark spot floating above his head, and that he should stay home for the next couple of days to avoid any accidents. Unfortunately, the next day he had to goto work, where he was sent to negotiate a woman off a bridge and from committing suicide. Him and his partner went to the bridge and was able to convince the woman not kill herself. While they were standing on the side of the road, a car swerved and was about to hit all 3 of them. The man pushed his partner and the woman aside, but was hit by the swerving car. This is where the excerpt starts:

“Like I said, I felt nothing. I woke up to find people
swarming all over the accident scene. I tried to talk to
them but no one would answer me. I saw my partner and
the woman standing there and thought, “Good, I
managed to save them.” Then suddenly I was bathed in

Five colors came to greet me. They were incredibly
bright, but somehow you could look at them without
pain. Yellow, green, blue, red, and white, they all shone
down on me. Then without warning, I was in the real
Light. It’s white but cannot really be labeled with a color.
Call it bright. It is bright beyond the sun, but that
brightness does not hurt your eyes. All I knew was that I
wanted to go into that light. And I realized that
this light was not somewhere outside myself,
but rather within my own heart. It resides within all
our hearts; the light connects us all.

There were many people standing in the light with me,
going into it one by one. They were all naked. I looked
down at myself and saw that I was naked too. There
were several really beautiful girls around me, but I had no
interest in them. I had what felt like a child’s innocence; it
was then that I knew I had died. I realized that we are
born into the world naked and exit the world naked as
well; we take nothing with us but our innermost thoughts
and feelings in the end.

I was ready to go into the light myself when suddenly
Huang-Ti, the holy emperor of the Chinese people,
appeared before me and told me that it was not my time
yet, that I had to go back. I don’t know if it was really
Huang-Ti or a spirit that had taken his shape to make me
feel more comfortable and to get my attention. He told
me many things then that I am not at liberty to discuss.
He stroked my hair and said he would be waiting for me

Then I was back on earth. I could not move. I
realized with a start that I was inside a coffin!
I could only move one hand, so I began to bang on
the coffin’s lid again and again. After a time, I heard a
little girl’s voice. I tried to shout but only a strange noise
came out. Somebody screamed. The lid was opened and
I saw people staring at me.

I found out later that I was on my way to be burned;
they had opened the coffin thirty minutes before my
cremation. What had saved me was the Chinese custom
of waiting for one week before burning the dead. My
niece heard me banging on the coffin; at first she was
afraid of me—she thought I was a ghost—but then she
tried to talk to me. Her bravery saved my life.
I was taken to a hospital. Both my legs were broken,
and one arm. My face was a mess and I had lost an eye;
seventeen operations later my looks are almost back to
normal. And amazingly, I received a present from the
Beyond: I spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese, whereas
before my accident I spoke only English! This was a gift
from Huang-Ti, I think. It is to him that I owe my current
occupation as a translator.

And do you know what is the truly astonishing part of
the story? Remember the head priestess at the temple?
Well, she disappeared the night of my accident. After
seven days, the day of my funeral, they opened the
locked door to her room and found her. She had been
dead for seven days! They also found a letter from her to
me. Writing that letter was the last thing she did.
“I think she chose to die in my place,” Bobby
concluded, “taking my karma onto herself. I hope to be
able to repay her kindness, in this life or the next. But you
know what?” He smiled. “What I want more than
anything else is to be able to go back into that light