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Marlon # Posted on June 27, 2014 at 2:25 am

“I know that when people meet me they are often shocked by the things I say.”

Tell me about it.

These games people play become banal as hell. I’ve always wondered what’s wrong with people who repress so much of their emotions, but usually it’s only some kind of an anxiety they have. Not many people are real enough for their own good and the others around them suffer from it as well.

It’s not a game if it isn’t fun. You can’t fake to make significantly memorable fun experiences and no one can remember things well from this. Not acting on it makes one stupid. Not getting angrier at what prevents us from simply living is abnormal and leads to mind impairment. Some people are so insolent to tell others how to conform to their own clusterfuck it’s like they’re the government.

Get angry, get happy, get calm and you’ll be healthy. Conforming to idiotic requirements evaluated by fake prestigious-driven numbnuts is voluntarily trying to learn how not to cope.

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