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Jay # Posted on June 29, 2014 at 1:01 pm

Hey @kier,

Congratulations on your lifestyle changes to greater health!

My view of modern doctors and dentists is that they are unnecessary, provided that you take care of yourself and you do not break a leg (we still need doctors and modern medicine for a few important things).

From my life experience, when I was a kid (please save the gross comments) I never brushed my teeth! Maybe the odd time when my mother would look. And guess what? I never had a single cavity, ever!

Finally, when I got older, I started brushing my teeth all the time with toothpaste, and when I was 19 (I went through a couple years of not eating the greatest) I got my first and only cavity. I got it removed and filled, a decision I regret. I think cavities can heal themselves with a proper diet.

Now, I will brush my teeth once a day (the odd time I forget but it is uncommon) and I do not use toothpaste, just the toothbrush (I sometimes floss). I think modern toothpaste leaves a coating on the teeth preventing the enamel from re-mineralizing.

So, I agree with you, doctors and dentists are not needed, provided we get no injuries.